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Urgent Care Centers, retail based clinics, etc. advertise that your child’s Sports Physical is “only” $25 if done at their location. Well care in our office, which includes sports physicals, is already included in the insurance premiums you pay your carrier. In other words, we don’t charge you anything because it’s already a benefit of your child’s insurance coverage. Please verify with your insurance carrier, but be advised that well care checkups, sports physicals and vaccines are now covered 100% by most insurance carriers . Physicals given in these places are usually not up to the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and are not designed or able to find problems which might contraindicate participation in sports. This is because they do not know or have any information on your child. Also, these facilities do not share information with your child’s primary care physician.

Our office can accommodate all your child’s needs regarding sports forms, camp forms, daycare, school physicals and vaccine certificates.

Additionally, there is no loss of medical records because their checkups were done at a soccer, football or basketball complex by trainers or at a facility that has no access to your child’s health records. Reviewing your child’s growth history, checking to make sure vaccines are up to date, reviewing chronic problems and conditions, answering parents questions, referrals if needed etc….are all part of quality healthcare which can only be delivered in your child’s medical home. These other clinics often clear children for sports related activities without knowledge or access to conditions that can put your child at risk.

Use of Urgent Cares sometimes has it’s place, but it would still be better to check with your primary care physician first. It may be that no visit is necessary thus saving you the cost of an unnecessary visit!

You can call (859-212-4567) NOW to schedule appointments for needed checkups months in advance including sports physicals. You can also go to our website (www.pauljansonmd.com) to request an appointment time.

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