Time For Your Check Up!!!

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It is that time of year again. Time to schedule kindergarten and 6th grade check ups and if your child will be playing sports, especially high school, sports physical forms are required prior to beginning practice. High schools begin practice for fall sports July 15. Please call now to schedule. It is not recommended that these physicals be done on the field by trainers or other personnel not familiar with your child’s medical history.

You can begin calling now to schedule these check ups in early spring and summer for those needed. You may also contact us via the patient portal and our website to schedule as well. If you wish to schedule via email contact us at scheduling@pauljansonmd.com with the date and time you would like to schedule and we will return your email.

We strongly encourage an annual physical for children 2 years and older. This is best performed at your pediatrician’s office-your child’s medical home-where records are consolidated and all your child’s needs can be met.

***Under new insurance guidelines, many physicals & vaccines are now covered 100%***

Check with your insurance company for coverage information.

It is ill advised to get physicals at schools, or at soccer/baseball/football/track practices done by “teams” of various trained people who are not knowledgeable about your child’s history, current or past medical problems and who are not willing to deal with any abnormal findings or difficulties they come across. We ask that you support us by bringing your child to us for checkups as well as sick call. We cannot sign off on any physicals, make referrals or prescribe medications unless your child was seen in our office. We do not receive any communication from trainers, coaches, or “walk in”clinics who perform your physical.




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