Why does my child need a physical?

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Why does my child need a physical??


  • Extra time devoted to examination
  • Detect problems
  • Check overall growth and development
  • Check for missed vaccines or booster shots needed
  • Screen for dental, vision, speech and hearing issues
  • Lead testing if needed
  • Scoliosis check
  • Check the heart for any murmurs or rhythm changes
  • Palpate abdomen and carefully check lymph nodes to help detect early swelling or enlargements of the organs that may be the first signs of disease or tumors
  • Answer any questions you or your child may have


These are just some of the reasons for a yearly check up.  Even if a minor problem is detected, early testing or treatment can prevent a larger problem.

Sports physicals at schools or clinics or “on the field” are typically not as thorough as our complete exams done by certified pediatricians, who have your child’s history of growth and development, treatments and other information which helps detect any  changes in your child’s health.  We cannot complete school or sports health forms unless we do the evaluation.  If your child is on prescription medicine, we require an annual physical in order to continue writing these prescriptions.

Please call to schedule now.  We are available on Saturday mornings for physicals and sick call.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Most all physicals are now covered 100% by your insurance carrier.  Why pay for them at school or other “walk-in” clinics?

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