Mission Statement

babybabyOur Mission

  • Paul J. Janson, MD, PSC is recognized in the community for its quality, excellence, ethics, compassion and caring service. We provide this by maintaining a culture of teamwork and conscientiousness and by strongly emphasizing teaching both to promote health and to prevent illness & disease.
  • We view patient care as an investment in the future health of the nation and thus take our mission very seriously. We all remember being kids and many of us have children of our own — adding to the empathy we bring to each patient encounter.
  • Each provider on our team bears a special interest in maintaining access to include the underserved by gently treating each patient and their family with dignity and compassion. We truly view our service as a mission.
  • Not only do we seek to be on the forefront of pediatric quality care by actively participating in multiple medical societies and in pediatric policy-making, we also aim to promote this message beyond our community as opportunities arise.